Traci McKnight

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Traci McKnight

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

Traci McKnight’s passion is bringing people back to their bodies and present to the sensate experience of living. At True Life, Traci enjoys sharing the creative potential of the body while using it as a tool for grounding and anchoring the nervous system, and ultimately balancing the complex mind-body connection that lends our mental health.

As a 500-hour certified Yoga Teacher and accomplished student of various somatic embodiment practices, she weaves her lessons with knowledge of the subtle body and the power of awareness; thus bringing together the Body, Mind and Spirit in a holistic and practical methodology. Her approach is also inspired by her in depth studies of mindfulness meditation, Zen Buddhism, Body Mind Centering, Feldenkrais techniques, creative exploration, and compassionate self study.

In her role at True Life, she supports our patients by guiding them into a deeper relationship with their bodies, and to treat their bodies as resourceful allies on the path of healing. Employing various forms of movement and meditation, she encourages students to listen to their bodies with an ear of curiosity, loving kindness and non-judgment, so they may be better informed and better equipped to thrive physically, mentally and emotionally.

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