Photo of Ruby


Goodwill Ambassador

Meet Ruby the Miniature Labradoodle, who holds the honored titles of Pet Therapist Intern and Emissary of Canine Goodwill. She has asked that we communicate on her behalf, since things tend to get lost in translation when she takes to the keyboard.

Ruby loves company of the human variety and is natural therapist — gentle, caring, and highly intuitive. In addition to (somewhat clumsily) playing ball, frolicking at the beach, and taking long strolls, she enjoys spending her days with the True Life team at our office. She reminds us every day to be calm and mindful, bringing us back to the present moment when we get too wrapped up in our Human Worries.

A compassionate and patient listener, Ruby adores every new friend she meets. Her main mission is to see you smile, and she looks forward to helping everyone at True Life achieve that goal as you journey towards finding your most authentic, fulfilled self.

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