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Nia Jonesz

Outreach and Content

Nia Jonesz has a passion for elevating mission-driven brands through the power of storytelling. Inspired by True Life’s compassionate staff, holistic approach, and powerful patient testimonials, she is eager to help promote the center to the countless individuals seeking personal growth and healing in San Diego and beyond.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Nia completed an undergraduate degree in Public Relations at Minnesota State University, Mankato before moving to San Diego to pursue a Master’s degree in Media Studies at San Diego State University. After quickly falling in love with the mood-boasting effects of daily sunshine and the healing power of the ocean, she knew she would call “America’s Finest City” home for years to come.

Nia is excited to help True Life continue to increase its reach through managing the brand’s digital presence and leading practitioners in the production of original content. She believes the True Life Center has a one-of-a-kind approach to treatment that should be celebrated and shared. She is proud to play a role in bringing awareness to the meaningful and transformative work being done by the TLC team.

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