Mary Spease, Psy.D

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Mary Spease, Psy.D


Dr. Spease sees therapy as an invigorating, challenging, and illuminating journey of discovery that can teach anyone about their approach to life, their major relationship dynamics, and their obstacles to leading a rewarding daily existence. Through the therapeutic process, Dr. Spease helps individuals and couples to recognize and enhance their innate strengths, to foster growth and awareness of their truest selves, and to develop sustainable coping skills for the future. She is beyond thrilled to be joining the dedicated, compassionate staff of caregivers at True Life Center for Wellbeing, where the collaborative mentality enables the team to treat the whole person and to maximize lasting change.

Currently offering adult and couples counseling, Dr. Spease is a licensed clinical psychologist who focuses on relationship issues, addiction and recovery, friends and family of addicts/alcoholics (i.e. co-dependency, adult children of alcoholics), phase of life transitions, self-esteem/self-image concerns, and depression. She received her doctorate degree from the California School of Professional Psychology and has worked with children, adolescents, individual adults, couples, families, and groups through school-based, outpatient, and residential treatment programs.

Every client endures a unique struggle, and Dr. Spease takes the time to build a safe and supportive atmosphere where she can understand that struggle. Then, she helps each person or couple to create new patterns and make new choices that lead to healthy, fulfilling lives and deeper, more intimate relationships. This process is a rewarding journey for both the therapist and her clients, and Dr. Spease looks forward to embarking upon it with each new client at True Life.

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