Krista Roybal, M.D.

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Krista Roybal, M.D.

Founder and Medical Director

Recognized as a leading authority in integrative mental health care and addiction medicine, Dr. Roybal has the expertise to uncover the root cause of distress and disease, and a gift for making patients feel truly seen and understood.

She exclusively sees patients in True Life’s Intensive Outpatient Program, where her compassionate, strength-based approach make her particularly adept at treating complex presentations of anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction and bipolar disorder. Dr. Roybal is an expert in benzodiazepine tapers and medical detox, psychopharmacologic evaluations and medication management. She has taken care of thousands of patients in her career and has created a very unique treatment model in which they can succeed.

After attending medical school at New York Medical College and an initial training at UC San Francisco in Family and Community Medicine, Dr. Roybal noticed a recurring theme among her patients ¬– undiagnosed mental health issues manifesting in the body as physical symptoms. With a desire to devote more time to patients’ mental wellbeing and to gain a more in-depth understanding of the mind-body connection, Dr. Roybal went on to specialize in psychiatry at the University of New Mexico, where the region’s well-documented addiction and mental health issues attract top addiction psychiatrists. Training under these experts inspired Dr. Roybal’s own passion for addiction medicine, and her belief that “compassion is the antidote” for this shame-based illness.

While working in private practice and at top hospitals including Scripps La Jolla, where she served as Co-Medical Director of the Scripps Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program for many years, Dr. Roybal became passionate about creating a more innovative approach to treatment; one that combined the warmth and individual attention found in a concierge practice, the collaborative environment and neuroscientific focus of a medical facility, and her belief in the integrative model for healing the somatic components of mental health and addiction. She founded True Life Center in 2014 with these concepts as integral facets.

True Life Center continues to grow and thrive under Dr. Roybal’s hands-on leadership. As a doctor who has always been fascinated by the narrative of each patients’ life journey, she is proud to have developed a treatment center and a team whose mission is to address and treat an individual’s whole health – mind, body, and spirit.

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