Kairou Chiou, L.Ac

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Kairou Chiou, L.Ac

Director of Integrative Wellness

Kairou Chiou L.Ac, has been drawn to authentic transformation and healing for the duration of her career. Kairou’s heart has been so thrilled to work at True Life Center because her philosophy of treatment is 100% supported and her belief in the power of mind body healing has accelerated beyond her wildest dreams. As Director of Integrative Wellness, Kairou guides our holistic team in their efforts to foster an environment of comprehensive healing for our patients- body, mind and spirit. With a specialization in mental health treatment, she offers a patient centered approach that facilitates the body’s ability to self-heal, with an emphasis on compassion, curiosity and education.

Kairou is a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in the state of California, and holds a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She has also received advanced training in Classical Five Elements Acupuncture, has studied at the China Beijing International Training Center and People’s Hospital with Dr. Tan of Zheng Qi Tang in Lan Zhou, and has completed clinical rotations both domestically and abroad. Additionally, she is a certified yoga instructor and massage therapist.

Kairou weaves all aspects of her training into a thoughtful approach that addresses each individual’s needs with sensitivity and perceptiveness, and ushers our patients into better understanding of the correlations of their physical, emotional and mental health. Her oversight of our holistic staff ensures cohesive treatment of the whole person, so as to restore the innate harmony of psychology and physiology that serves as a foundation for optimal health and wellbeing.

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