Kacey Mather

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Kacey Mather

Office Coordinator

Kacey Mather is proud to work alongside a compassionate team of professionals who honor the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health. She appreciates that in her role as Office Coordinator, she has the opportunity to get to know patients individually, and witness their progress throughout the healing process.

A recent graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Kacey discovered her passion for the mental health field while studying human behavior and psychology en route to a BS in Sociology. She was actively involved in multiple campus clubs focused on wellbeing, and served as a researcher for the university’s writing department, where she completed a dissertation about the effects of mindfulness meditation on social relationships.

Kacey’s longterm goal is to obtain a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, and she hopes to attend graduate school within the next several years. She also dreams of using her lifelong passion for dance to encourage others to explore artistic means of self-expression.

Kacey is delighted to be starting her professional career at an organization that will allow her to learn from such a diverse team of practitioners, and expose her to such a variety of modalities. She enjoys being an ambassador for True Life’s integrative, collaborative care, and looks forward to connecting with you on your journey to authentic healing and wellness.

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