Clara Lee-Zimmerman, M.D.

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Clara Lee-Zimmerman, M.D.


Dr. Lee-Zimmerman believes in a multidisciplinary treatment approach that honors the unique journey of each individual. She understands that many factors – from family dynamics to work life, cultural perspectives to past trauma – contribute to mental health challenges and addiction. Therefore she is committed to providing holistic care that takes into account how each of these influences may affect the way her patients recover.

Through years of experience working in outpatient psychiatry and community practice, Dr. Lee-Zimmerman developed a passion for supporting individuals through addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions. Her non-judgmental listening style, innate openness, and collaborative nature, serve to cultivate a feeling of safety and comfort in each session. From this foundation of trust, Dr. Lee-Zimmerman is able to support patients in exploring the ways anxiety, depression, trauma, and substance use can turn focus away from the enriching elements of life; and how education, thoughtful use of medication, and meaningfully integrated holistic services may help them move toward true wellness.

Dr. Lee-Zimmerman attended medical school and completed Psychiatry Residency at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). Since then she’s held numerous roles at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs in both California and Minnesota, most recently as the Outpatient Psychiatrist for VA San Diego Healthcare System’s Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program. Additionally, Dr. Lee-Zimmerman serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor in UCSD’s Department of Psychiatry.

At True Life Center, Dr. Lee-Zimmerman enjoys working with a diverse team to provide patients with the tools and support to fully engage and embrace their True life.

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