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Ashley Cates

Ashley Cates

Ashley Cates has experienced firsthand the power of a mind-body approach to care and is thrilled that her role at True Life is to provide education about holistic healing for the treatment of mental health to providers throughout the community. As the Director of Business Development, Ashley is exuberant about communicating the message of True Life’s mission: True Life is the next evolution in mental healthcare. We believe in transformative change of healing that moves people into their more authentic self. Ashley and the whole team believe that mind body medicine is the conduit that allows for this transformative change.

A graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ashley began her career as a consultant working in large financial system mergers and acquisitions. Her love of people and problem-solving eventually led her into healthcare, and she has since served customers throughout many diverse areas, including gastroenterology, pain management, and cardiology.

Ashley brings enthusiasm, positivity and efficiency to everything she does in her life. She is thrilled to have found True Life, and is honored to have the opportunity to advocate for a holistic approach to mental health and addiction treatment. She looks forward to connecting with you in the community.

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