Ann Lowe, NP, PHD

Photo of Ann Lowe, NP, PHD

Ann Lowe, NP, PHD

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Over the course of a four-decade-long tenure in healthcare, Dr. Lowe’s passion for her field – and for providing outstanding integrative care for her patients – has only grown. Helping patients along their journey to healing is a privilege in her mind, and she is committed to investing the time and energy necessary to form authentic connections and achieve meaningful results.

Before specializing in mental health, Dr. Lowe worked for years in cardiology and primary care. She was able to witness firsthand the powerful role emotional wellbeing can play on illness and pain. Her belief in holistic medicine is reflected by her doctoral dissertation which investigated the effect of aromatherapy on the fMRI brain activation patterns on women with IBS. She has extensive history working with the geriatric population as well as with patients with severe anxiety, depression and complex trauma. She has seen time and again how neurofeedback has helped patients transform their lives and alleviate their suffering and she is thrilled to offer neurofeedback to patients at True Life. From her years of experience as a medical and holistic provider, she knows that in order to have authentic healing from the inside out, both the body and the mind need to be treated and addressed on the journey to full health.

She is delighted by True Life Center’s unique, collaborative approach and looks forward to working alongside a team of diverse and talented practitioners to help patients achieve lasting change. Dr. Lowe has a wealth of academic knowledge and diverse experiences that allow her to treat the full spectrum of mental health and addiction issues. She holds a BSN in Acute Care from California State University, Los Angeles; an MSN and Ph.D from the UCLA School of Nursing.

Dr. Lowe is an exceptionally competent and compassionate practitioner. She brings the gifts of seasoned experience, genuine kindness, and astute skill in treatment guidelines to the True Life Center. Her respect for, and belief in, the depth and resiliency of the human spirit will allow her to help any and all patients on their journey to reclaiming their true life.

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