Patient Testimonials

Sam D.

You guys have changed my life for the better and taught me so much about myself. You have turned me from the worst to the best version of myself and I will be forever grateful.

Emily F.

I wish to thank you for your indelible help in my recovery off Xanax. Following your advice and feeling stable within, I began to trust my physical and emotional body not to panic. Breath is a wonderful elixir. Thank you again. You provide delicious results.

Richard H., M.D.

There is no other psychiatrist to whom I would refer my patients in San Diego County. She is simply the best. Dr. Roybal is a brilliant and compassionate healer, and that’s a rare combination.

Client Parent

My son had been in a very dark place for a very long time. After countless treatment centers who promised one thing and delivered another, True Life Center was a breath of fresh air. Instead of trying to force him into following 12-steps he doesn’t believe in, or me paying tens of thousands of dollars for him to sit around all day in groups, here they created a custom schedule for my son with sessions that were just him and the professional. Honestly, I haven’t seen his depression or drinking problems disappear overnight, but he’s already doing much better than I’ve ever seen. And because he’s not “stuck” here like in traditional rehabs, he gets to keep the part time job he loves, which helps his recovery I think. Very impressed so far with all the staff and with my son’s progress.

True Life Client

I’ve had A LOT of treatment over the years for my bi-polar disorder. I’ve been to psychiatric hospitals that feel straight out of a horror movie. I’ve been to the super fancy luxury places where they make your bed and cook you eggs. There are the few great therapists or doctors at each place, however overall the experience is always meh. There’s something different about True Life. Maybe it’s the holistic approach, or the amazing staff, or the actual face time (and not skype time- I’ve been to places where you see the psychiatrist online only!) with the doctors. I just know that it worked for me. If you are willing to put in the effort and actually are ready to change, it will probably work for you too.

True Life Client

Thank you to everyone at True Life for getting me my life back. When I was finally ready to admit that my little problem with Xanax was perhaps a much bigger issue than I wanted to believe, this is the first place I called. A family friend knew Dr. Roybal and said she was the best at getting patients off benzos for good. They were right. I often told my husband before I left for treatment that I was headed out to meet with my team. I know they have other patients, but I honestly felt they were my team only. Everyone, from the receptionist to the medial director, greets you warmly by name and asks how you are. I felt so welcomed and supported; it was like a second home for the eight weeks I spent there. I still come in once a month for appointments and it’s like coming home again. If you, a family member, or a friend are caught up in addiction, then this is the place you want to call!

True Life Client

My family had a wonderful experience at True Life! However, we’ve been through this treatment dance before and I can tell you that you get what you pay for! I never once doubted that my daughter’s health was the utmost concern. In fact, if my daughter so much as slept in and missed some appointments, I received a call from her doctor to make sure everything was okay. I can’t say enough about everyone who works here and how in the loop I felt with my daughter’s progress. She is now thriving, and as a mother, you are only as happy as your unhappiest child. Such a relief to no longer receive her panicked calls in the middle of the night. She will have to continue navigating anxiety her whole life, but it doesn’t control her life anymore. I could not be more grateful to True Life for that.

True Life Client

There is hope for anybody who finds themselves addicted to Klonopin (or Xanax or Valium or any of these drugs that are supposed to help), but very few centers are equipped to deal with it. I went in for my assessment at True Life a year ago this month, and I’m grateful every day that I found them. True Life and Dr. Roybal are not just skilled, but compassionate. The team exceeded my expectations. You owe it to yourself to contact them and fight to get your life back. You can feel great without the Klonopin. I promise.

True Life Client

Have anxiety? Want to do more than numb it with some pills and call it good? This is the place you want to be. They really helped me with the physical issues my anxiety was causing that nobody else seemed to be concerned with. Yoga, nutrition, fitness, meditation, massage, acupuncture and therapy are all used to get you healthy in all areas of your life. As with most things, you have to be willing to do the work, but it’s worth it!

True Life Client

I had no clue what an IOP was before I went to True Life. I had always assumed if you need serious care, you checked into rehab. I’ve been to rehab several times, putting my life on hold each time, and I wish I could have that time back. I never would have thought I could get the same treatment without having to leave my kids or quit my job. I’m not sure why more people don’t do this. They probably don’t know it exists. It exists! Thanks True Life.

True Life Client

Where to begin? True Life Center gave me my life back. I was at the end of my rope, ready to be done with it all before my parents talked me into trying one more place. Right from the start it just felt different here. I felt normal, and not like a crazy person. Everyone I talked to really looked at me and really listened. Looking back now I can honestly say I would not recognize that very desperate, scared girl. The team here – and I love every single one of them I’ve worked with – helped me uncover and deal with some very serious trauma that I figured would haunt me forever. I feel happy! What a difference a year makes. To Dr. Roybal, Dr. Lowe, and the entire crew – thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

As a Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Consultant, the majority of my responsibility to a family or a client is to make the most effective and quality referral into a variety of treatment settings. I have had the absolute pleasure and honor to work collaboratively with the incredible team at True Life Center with close to a dozen clients since their inception. As I have told so many local families – ‘We have the luxury of the best outpatient program in the country in our backyard!’ The clients I have referred to True Life Center have improved their lives in such significant ways including rebuilding and re-strengthening relationships with their family. The biggest measure of success to me is how much a client and their family as a whole improve their lives together. True Life Center for Wellbeing succeeds at helping families and client achieve this better than anyone else I know in the US. A little prospective aside, I’ve visited over 400 programs in the US and refer approximately 75 clients into treatment and continuums of care each year. I put my honest, 100% confidence in every referral I have ever sent and continue to send to True Life.

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Participating in the Intensive Outpatient Program has been, and continues to be, a life changing event. I have enjoyed every minute of every session I have been in. The understanding, compassion and genuine empathy I've experienced is nothing short of amazing. I get reinforcement, affirmation and unconditional acceptance. Thank you to the entire True Life team for your help in changing not only how I see myself, but how I live within myself.

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