Our Story

Truly exceptional care shouldn’t be the exception.

Yet too often, patients seeking mental health treatment are forced to compromise. Cost of care vs. quality of care; western medicine vs. holistic wisdom; commitment to recovery vs. commitment to family, work, and education.

Since we first opened our doors, we’ve made a conscious decision to reject this problematic either/or thinking. Instead, we embrace a both/and treatment model that opens the door to new possibilities for healing.

In a world of one-size-fits-all programming, of mostly group therapy, corporate-owned rehab chains, and amenities-oriented marketing, we’re proud to stand for exceptional comprehensive care. We’re proud to fulfill all your treatment needs – medical attention with full-time doctors; an integrative, mind-body approach; one-on-one sessions and customized scheduling – under one roof. And we’re proud of the community we’ve formed – a community of practitioners, partners, and patients who look at the current state of mental health care and ask…

How could this be done differently? How can patients get the care they deserve?

Those were the questions that our founder and medical director, Dr. Krista Roybal, asked time and again during a decade spent treating mental health and addiction in private practice and at top hospitals. She envisioned a treatment facility that combined the best elements of each – the warmth and individual attention of a concierge practice, the evidence-based approach and multidisciplinary collaboration of a hospital, and the mind-body harmony achieved through somatic and integrative treatment.

True Life is the culmination of this vision. Its success, a resounding yes to her questions.

As a team and a center, we will continue to ask the tough questions that spur innovation. We will continue to forgo the status quo in favor of delivering world-class, patient-centered care. And we will remain committed to alleviating suffering, restoring relationships, and empowering growth for years to come.