Severe Panic Disorder Treatment

Panic Disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by spontaneous and recurring panic attacks. Because the panic attacks occur unexpectedly – often without the presence of a clear trigger – individuals with panic disorder are often preoccupied with dread. The overwhelming anxiety, fear and embarrassment can interfere with daily activities and interactions

Signs & Symptoms

Individuals with panic disorder may experience:

  • Strong physical reactions including pounding or racing heart, sweating, chills, dizziness, chest pain, and nausea
  • A feeling of impending doom or fear of death
  • Sudden and recurrent bouts of overwhelming anxiety and fear
  • Avoidance of objects, situations, or interactions they fear will trigger an attack


Panic Disorder is highly treatable. True Life’s integrative approach addresses the physical and psychological causes of the condition to reduce the frequency and intensity of panic attacks. This mind-body approach is critical in healing physiologic conditions like panic. Psychotherapeutic modalities have a very high success rate in the treatment of panic, while a number of medications have proven highly effective in alleviating symptoms. Through True Life’s neurobiological approach – which combines acupuncture, fitness, mindfulness, yoga and nutrition with psychotherapy and psychiatric interventions – patients with panic disorder learn to mitigate anxiety’s impact on the mind and body, and develop strategies for sustainable health practices.