Generalized Anxiety

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is characterized by chronic and excessive worry about everyday things including work, health, finances, or family responsibilities.

While we all experience anxiety from time to time, those with GAD feel a constant dis-ease that can negatively impact their ability to carry out even the simplest of daily activities. Despite recognition that a majority of their anxiety is unwarranted, individuals suffering with GAD are often unable to alleviate their concerns without treatment.  

Signs & Symptoms

Individuals with generalized anxiety disorder may:

  • Worry excessively about everyday things
  • Be unable to control their worries or nervousness
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • Startle easily
  • Have trouble relaxing or falling asleep
  • Feel constantly fatigued or irritable
  • Experience dizziness, digestive issues, migraines, or unexplained pains


GAD can be effectively treated with a combination of psychotherapy, psychiatric interventions, and integrative services. Psychotherapeutic modalities have a very high success rate in the treatment of anxiety, while a number of medications have proven useful in alleviating symptoms. Through True Life’s neurobiological approach to treatment of combining acupuncture, fitness, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition with psychotherapy and psychiatric interventions, patients with GAD learn to mitigate anxiety’s impact on the mind and body, and develop strategies for sustainable health practices.