Embracing the Space Between

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Lately, I’ve been thinking about “before-and-afters”: the “jaw-dropping weight loss” magazine covers in the supermarket checkout, the home improvement show that remodels ‘shack to chic’ over the course of a commercial break, my kids’ classmates who will invariably come back from summer break looking like entirely different kids. There is something undeniably compelling about those types of dramatic transformations. But as someone who has always been fascinated by the full narrative, the root cause of illness, the journey…I find myself less interested in the before and after than in the space between.

That “space between” was on my mind today, while selecting which of the hundreds of wonderful photographs from last month’s Open House I wanted to share with you.  Please take a look at them here. You might consider these images to be the “after photos.” They were captured after the completion of our beautiful new facility, after the recent expansion of our programming (including the addition of a cost-conscious Group IOP for addiction; the launch of DBT-Skills and Self-Image & Resilience support groups in-house; and a variety of recovery groups open to the community), and after more than three-years’ (!) worth of healing, discovery and progress.

But because I believe that growth is essential; because I’m consistently blown away by the True Life team’s willingness to ask hard questions, reflect, and adapt; and because we’ve set big goals for ourselves as a center, I know that someday these photos will serve as the “before pictures” for the fulfillment of a larger mission. And as I scrolled through image after image of our beautiful new suite, incredible team of practitioners, and supportive community (thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of the encouragement and kind words!), I couldn’t help but acknowledge that this, right now, is the space between. What a privilege it is to be here.

I am so proud of how far we’ve come, so optimistic about where we’re going, and so grateful for all of you who have supported, and will continue to support us along the way.

Health and Happiness,

Dr. Krista Roybal
Executive Medical Director
True Life Center for Wellbeing

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