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Ask The Psychiatrist: Anxiety Disorders

*The copy below was originally published in the April 20th edition of the La Jolla Light* Anxiety is the body’s normal reaction to stress, and it has a very important purpose. It is designed to signal dangerous, uncomfortable, or unfamiliar situations so that we remain aware and alert. However, for the 40 million adults affected by […]

Finding Inspiration in Art and Science

Friends and colleagues, Recently, I came upon a deeply inspiring article about Spanish artist and famed neuroscientist Ramon y Cajal. As a young man, Cajal gravitated toward art and photography. However, on the insistence of his physician father, he decided to study medicine and developed a fascination for the brain and nervous system. When exploring […]

Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

By Kristy Malone, Nutritional Therapist Food: it’s a part of our everyday lives, and the focus of much of our time and energy. It’s how we stay fueled, how we nurture those we love, how we comfort ourselves, and how we connect with one another. Yet the simple question, “what’s for dinner?” can feel daunting […]