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Have we become the Nation of Numb?

When I present to industry professionals about the growing benzodiazepine epidemic, the slide above, featuring pharmaceutical ads from the 1960’s, always elicits self-conscious laughter from the crowd. How benzos have been marketed to women and the images of antiquated gender roles are certainly jarring, but the ad copy – promising relief from anxiety and tension, […]

Ask the Psychiatrist: Alcohol Fact vs. Fiction

In the movies, the character with a drinking problem is easy to spot: sullen, unemployed, and estranged, typically found drinking alone or picking fights. Outside of Hollywood fiction, however, problem drinkers often look like our neighbors, co-workers, loved ones, and friends. They may be highly respected in their careers, beloved by their families, and appear […]

Embracing the Space Between

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Lately, I’ve been thinking about “before-and-afters”: the “jaw-dropping weight loss” magazine covers in the supermarket checkout, the home improvement show that remodels ‘shack to chic’ over the course of a commercial break, my kids’ classmates who will invariably come back from summer break looking like entirely different kids. There is something […]

Ask The Psychiatrist: How To Find Mental Health Care

­ With the abundance of treatment options and mental health professionals, each promising different approaches and better results, finding the right care for you or a loved one can be an added stressor in an already challenging situation. Below, True Life Center’s Executive Medical Director, Dr. Krista Roybal, shares some advice to help individuals feel […]

Ask The Psychiatrist: Anxiety Disorders

*The copy below was originally published in the April 20th edition of the La Jolla Light* Anxiety is the body’s normal reaction to stress, and it has a very important purpose. It is designed to signal dangerous, uncomfortable, or unfamiliar situations so that we remain aware and alert. However, for the 40 million adults affected by […]

Finding Inspiration in Art and Science

Friends and colleagues, Recently, I came upon a deeply inspiring article about Spanish artist and famed neuroscientist Ramon y Cajal. As a young man, Cajal gravitated toward art and photography. However, on the insistence of his physician father, he decided to study medicine and developed a fascination for the brain and nervous system. When exploring […]

Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

By Kristy Malone, Nutritional Therapist Food: it’s a part of our everyday lives, and the focus of much of our time and energy. It’s how we stay fueled, how we nurture those we love, how we comfort ourselves, and how we connect with one another. Yet the simple question, “what’s for dinner?” can feel daunting […]