Finding Inspiration in Art and Science

Friends and colleagues,

Recently, I came upon a deeply inspiring article about Spanish artist and famed neuroscientist Ramon y Cajal. As a young man, Cajal gravitated toward art and photography. However, on the insistence of his physician father, he decided to study medicine and developed a fascination for the brain and nervous system. When exploring the question of how a neuron’s message travels through the body, Cajal harnessed his passion for both art and science to create gorgeous visual depictions of neuronal communication. Those striking scientific images – currently on tour as a traveling museum exhibition – became the foundation of everything we know to be true about the way cells collaborate and communicate. Today, we take for granted the technology that allows us to easily see networks of billions of cells in action, but it was the artistically gifted Cajal and his groundbreaking drawings that gave us a first glimpse into the microscopic communication that makes us who we are.

What struck me most about this story was the way Cajal’s love of art and science collided, leading him to world-changing insights. The overlap between these disciplines often lays the foundation for dynamic creativity and discovery. In my personal life, I am deeply grateful for my years as a young artist, which provided me with a framework for taking risks, honoring the body, honing non-verbal communication, and living in the present. This framework has influenced my life and my career in beautiful and unexpected ways.

At True Life, we explore the marriage of the rational and the creative every day, from our commitment to scientific and holistic modalities, to crafting treatment plans that are clinically informed and artfully customized to each individual, to the way we treat each patient not as an illness or a series of symptoms, but as a whole individual who deserves physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. This collaborative, creative, multi-disciplinary approach to healing has guided our patients to incredible results in sustainable health and authentic living.

How about you? How do you make space in your life, or in your approach to treatment, for both art and science?

Health and Happiness,

Dr. Krista Roybal