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    This is our signature course of treatment that offers the most premium care for addiction and mental health in Southern California. Intensive Outpatient Treatment delivers equal and often superior care to that of residential rehab at a fraction of the cost. We have full-time psychiatrists who are highly involved in the care of our patients, as well as Addiction Medicine experts who can suggest the most cutting edge medicine and psychotherapy there is to offer. Our team of doctors and clinicians get to know our patients so well that they customize their treatment to exactly what they believe will bring about the most dramatic change and improvement. True Life Center for Wellbeing Intensive Outpatient Treatment is absolutely unmatched in the quality of medical attention as well as holistic mind and body modalities that are provided. We include family and couples work as services to promote healing and change as well.


From the Executive Medical Director:

Welcome to True Life Center for Wellbeing!  We believe you can have it all: the best science provided by a doctor who cares about you in a nurturing and beautiful environment. We are founded on the following principles:

-People deserve outstanding mental health, holistic and addiction care.
-People deserve to be treated with respect, dignity and compassion.
-People deserve a relationship with their doctor or provider that is based on trust, ethics, and a caring relationship.
-People deserve to have their safety and confidentiality maintained and protected to the highest degree by medical and mental health professionals.

Illness, pain and life challenges can be transformative—they often are a gateway to profound healing and lasting change.  These are the moments in life to seek help and expand your personal growth.

At True Life Center for Wellbeing, TLC, we uphold these principles and put them into practice on a daily basis.  We invite you to give us a call or visit our treatment center.  It would be our honor to support you on the path to your True Life.


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